Sunday, September 11, 2016

George W. Bush used both rider and obscurity to quietly yet forcibly expand NSA's spying operations

"President George W. Bush set the change in motion through a little-noticed line in a 2008 executive order, and the Obama administration has been quietly developing a framework for how to carry it out since taking office in 2009." - NYT

This is an example of resorting to the concept of "rider" and also obscurity, so that the line doesn't get noticed and thus doesn't create a splash in the media, yet continues to hold its significance.

Kaspersky Internet Security cleverly forces users to download and install new versions automatically [COMPACTIDEA]

By very obviously omitting the option to notify me when a new version is available but don't automatically download or install it, KIS gives users the choice between a very bad option [do not notify and do not download/install automatically] and an option that is relatively less bad for the users but gives away control to Kaspersky. Users will thus be forced to choose the less bad option, since the logical/obvious third option has purposely not been provided by Kaspersky [in order to force/nudge users to the less bad option]. The idea is that if you want to be notified of a new version, you must also download and install it automatically, a sort of a rider.